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prego_drama's Journal

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Prego drama
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Unmoderated, open drama community.

Don't come and wah at us if you get snarked about; we'll just laugh at you.

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accusing, acting injured, acting offended, aggravating, arguing, attacking, back-biting, badmouthing, bawling, beating a dead horse, beefing, being "so above this", being appalled, being disgusted, being fed up, being nasty, being outraged, being pedantic, being put-upon, being shocked and dismayed, bellyaching, bemoaning, berating, bewailing, bitching, blaming, blowing off steam, blubbering, browbeating, calling out, calling the kettle black, carping, carrying on, castigating, charging, complaining, condemning, confronting, criticising, crying, crying foul, debasing, debating, decrying, degrading, denouncing, deploring, deriding, disagreeing, disapproving, dissenting, drama, drama whores, dramatising, egging on, exacerbating, excoriating, eye-rolling, fighting, finding fault, flaming, fretting, fussing, gainsaying, godwin's law, grieving, griping, groaning, grousing, growling, grumbling, having a pity party, henpecking, high horse, hijacking, howling, hypercriticising, hypocrisy, impugning, imputing, indicting, insulting, jeering, keening, knocking, lamenting, looking askance, mewling, moaning, mock horror, nagging, name-calling, niggling, nitpicking, noodging, objecting, objurgating, omgwtfbbq!, omgz, one-upping, opposing, panning, pecking, picking apart, playing the martyr, playing the victim, pointing fingers, projecting, protesting, provoking, putting down, quibbling, ranting, raving, reaming, refuting, remonstrating, repining, reproaching, reviling, ridiculing, scoffing, scolding, scrapping, shouting impotently, slamming, snarking, sneering, sniveling, sounding off, squalling, taunting, telling off, the pot/kettle dynamic, the waaaaaaaaaahmbulance, throwing down, throwing stones, trolling, venting, vigilante justice, wailing, weeping, whimpering, whinging, whining, woe is me, yammering, yowling

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