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Oh I just know I'm probably going to get a lot of flack about this. I don't typically post here (although I do a lot of lurking/commenting) but this has just got me thinking all kinds of WTF thoughts.
I'm sure word is spreading quickly about the suddenly famous pregnant man. Without drawing this out and being lengthy I just have to say WHAT IS THE BIG FUCKING DEAL?
I understand that legally this human being has now "technically" changed genders to look as if he is a male and has done what it takes physically to "become" male. But when it all boils down to what's really happening, we have a woman who switched genders having a baby. What the fuck is the big fucking deal?
I'm sorry ladies and gents, but this "man" is not even someone who was born with a gender deformity. This is merely a woman born with every single female reproductive organ needed to make a baby. So because she decided to do what it takes medically to make your body do things a man's body does your suddenly famous for becoming the first miracle of a man to give birth?
I don't think so. I feel like this whole story was completely blown out of proportion and I'm sure this couple will have a real nice looking bank account once all of the publicity is over with.
Maybe I fail for not thinking of doing something like they've done.
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