I think there's a baby in there...
Hi ladies!

I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant with my second. I've got all kinds of signs and symptoms going on, but the two tests I've taken have both been negative. It's super frustrating because I'm SURE I am, but my husband isn't so sure.

I haven't scheduled a dr visit, but that's on my to do list for this week. By my guess I'm still pretty early in the pregancy (conception happened less than 2 weeks ago) so according to my cycle I'm somewhere around 4 or 5 weeks.

The whole situation is sort of crazy because I just *knew* that there was going to be a baby in there the first time we tried. And now I've got cramping, headaches, fatigue, nausea, low back pain, trouble sleeping, have to pee a lot, and I had some super light brownish spotting. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a baby.

My five year old (6 in a couple weeks) is excited and wants it to be a girl. My husband is in denial. My mother-in-law had a dream and knew it was coming, and all my friends are super super excited. (Haven't told my parents yet, was waiting to confirm it with a test, but that's taking too long. LOL)

All in all, I'm excited, and it's great because I have lots of friends who've had babies recently (or will have them soon).



So...you're telling friends and family before you've even had a positive pregnancy test? No wonder your husband is "in denial".
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Calm down, lady.

Sorry for those banned from pregnant, these are all locked. :(

I thought something felt familiar about this post. Didn't someone use that stupid "BD" phrase (you and your husband are going to have sex, it's okay, the secret is out) last week? Huh, same person.

Seemed odd to me that she's already posted twice pre-TTC, and I just learned the neat trick of "?poster=", so I decided to see if she'd posted more than that.

HOLY SHIT. I remember some of these posts, I commented in some, but I'd never realized it was all the same person.

I count at least two separate posts about when to stop drinking alcohol (how long before you start TTC, mind you), two about announcing the pregnancy, a few suggestions (some in the comments) that she's a bit obsessed with conceiving on the first TTC cycle and at least one implication that if you drink while TTC you're not health conscious. And constant reminders of when she's planning to start TTC, just in case you forgot. Or were wondering.

ETA: Hoo boy. I'm catching up after an LJ-less long weekend, and just had to add in this little gem, which I'm sure many of you have already seen (and replied to).